Exhibition ‘The Fantastic World of Maria Prymachenko’ in Barcelona 23.9.2023

Виставка, присвячена Марії Приймаченко, відкрилася у Барселоні біля Parc de l’Estació del Nord у рамках фестивалю Ла Мерсе, де Київ – запрошене місто-гість. З анонсу:

“The city of Barcelona immerses itself in Ukrainian culture and art through the exhibition dedicated to Maria Prymachenko (1908-1997) as part of Mercè 2023, one of the most universal Ukrainian painters. Her paintings, full of colour and imagination, transport us to a magical world and bring us closer to the tradition and mythology of Ukraine. The exhibition, set within the programming of Kyiv as the guest city for Mercè, serves as a cultural bridge between Barcelona and the Ukrainian capital, a meeting that celebrates artistic diversity and exchange between two peaceful, open, and supportive cities.

Maria Prymachenko holds a prominent position in 20th-century visual culture and is recognised among the masters of naïve art. The richness and originality of her work, her exceptional execution, the vibrant expression and explosion of colours in her paintings captivate audiences of all ages. ‘Create for people, create for an all-encompassing beauty’ is what the artist set as her life’s purpose.

Prymachenko’s works are found in Ukrainian museum collections as well as in private collections, and they are an integral part of numerous folk art exhibitions in Ukraine and worldwide.”  https://www.barcelona.cat/lamerce/en/exhibition-fantastic-world-maria-prymachenko

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