Солидарность с антифашистами из шведского Мальмо #kämpashowan #‎ShowanSolidaritet‬


Первая фотография сделана 12 марта 2014 года. На ней участницы и участники Феминисткого фестиваля.

На второй фотографии от 13 марта бергенские футбольные фанаты.


Многие другие группы бергенских активистов заявили о солидарности со шведскими товарищами, пострадавшими от нападения фашистов после демонстрации 8 марта.  Вы можете посмотреть всемирную галерею фотографий.

В результате нападения ранения получили 6 человек, две женщины и четверо мужчин. Один из пострадавших, Showan Shattak (25) находится в больнице.  Showan борец с гомофобией в рядах футбольных фанатов. Он должен был выступать в бергенской библиотеке 21 марта на встрече Fotballsupportere mot homofobi.

Нападавшие – неонацисты из партии SvP.

В фб-группе, которая была создана для поддержки шведских актива,  написано, что крупные медиа искажают информацию и приводится информация от участников инцидента:


After the recent incident where friends were stabbed and beaten by Nazis during the March 8 after taking back the night march in Malmö.

The Research Group (@Researchgruppen), a group of investigative journalists and activists which is based in Sweden have now spoken to several people who were involved in the 8th of March events in Malmö and have tried to compile the information.

It counters some of the propaganda put out there by the police and the neo-Nazis which has been spread by the mainstream media:

“We have now spoken to several people who were involved in the 8th of March events in Malmö and have tried to compile the information.

The version of events that was presented in Kvällsposten (Swedish newspaper), which is what Svenskarnas parti (SvP, Party of the Swedes) has spread, contains many inaccuracies.
Every year feminist Take Back the Night demos are held on the 8th of March. Posters were up all over Malmö. This was a well-known demo. 6 people, of whom 4 are confirmed SvP members, gathered at the pub Sir Tobys at Davidshall, far from Möllan.

The armed SvP group then made their way to Möllan, 15 minutes away from the pub. At Möllan they positioned themselves outside the leftist café Glassfabriken, and started putting up stickers and looking for people. This happens while the Take Back the Night demo ends a few blocks away. The feminist protesters start moving towards a party in Folkets Park.

At Kristianstadsgatan, near Folkets Park, 5-6 people from the feminist demo bump in to the SvP gang. The nazis attack. Showan falls behind and is tackled to the ground by the nazis. One nazi straddles him and starts delivering punches to his head. Showan’s friends try to help him. One person gets the nazi who’s straddling Showan off of him.

One of the women from the demo is pushed face first against a wall. She’s stabbed in the back, stomach and under the arm. Another woman is stabbed in the armpit. One man is stabbed under the arm into his lung. He recognizes the nazi who’s stabbing him.

The screams from the people who are being attacked is heard down to the roundabout on Kristianstadsgatan near Folkets Park where many of the demo participants are now situated. They run up towards the commotion and yell at the Nazis to try to chase them away. This happens after the murder attempts have already taken place. This is what the witness who is quoted in Kvällsposten saw.

At the exact same time mounted police officers show up. This is what the police refer to as ”a brawl”. At this point people have already been stabbed and the murder attempts have already taken place. The Nazis run to Jesusparken where police catch up with them and stop them. 2 are brought into custody, while the knife wielder is released by the police.

The nazi site Realisten, and Kvällsposten, turn the whole sequence of events on its head. Inaccurately claim that the Nazis were chased before the murder attempts. Beyond the testimonies from witnesses the injuries also contradict the Nazis version of what happened. Stabbings from behind. Showan assaulted while he was on the ground. The Nazis also claim they were attacked when they left the pub. But Sir Tobys is far from the scene, at Davidshall.

The police have received contact info of many of the people who arrived later at the scene to help the injured protesters. But none one of them has been interviewed yet. The SvP member who was leading the confrontation came home from Ukraine just a few days earlier. Several members from SvP in Malmö participated in their trip to Ukraine where SvP helped patrol the streets and occupy the office of the communist party.

The SvP member who was stopped in Jesusparken had his Ukraine hat on. Police simply dismissed him from the scene.
The person in question has held leading positions within SvP and has been active since the NSF days (SvP was founded in 2008 by members of the now defunct National Socialist Front). He’s been involved in similar attacks in the past.

So the police’s version is based on being the last ones to arrive at the scene. And Kvällsposten describe what happened after the murder attempts had already taken place.”


Последнюю фотографию я взяла из фотогалереи фб группы. Рядом с фотографией был такой текст (то, что вы не поймете значит “антифашизм это всегда самозащита”)






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